To keep both yourself and our operative safe, the room/area will need to be unoccupied whilst work is being carried out.

If the work is in a hallway or passage, movement between the area will need to be kept to an absolute minimum.

Safety is our number one priority. Our operative may advise you that the job cannot go ahead if this guidance is not followed.

Walls & Ceilings

It is essential you remove any wallpaper, pictures, or wall hangings, that are likely to be in the way. Also, any breakable, valuable (sentimental or monetary), or fragile objects should be removed from the room where the work is taking place.

RBH will remove and reinstate any standard wall fixings, sockets or/and lighting fixtures that have been fitted by RBH.

Tenants are responsible for covering, removing, and reinstating any nonstandard fixtures, fittings, and wallpaper including any re-decorating cost.

For any ceiling repairs the area below the ceiling will need to be clear for the work to be carried out safely by our operative.

SafetyFurniture & Carpets

It is crucial that the areas due to be repaired are free from clutter, accessories, and furniture.

While it is not always possible to remove everything from an area, you should aim to take out as much as you can so that there is less risk of damage to your belongings.

Any items that cannot be removed should be covered with large dust sheets and taped to secure.

RBH operatives carry numerous dust sheets in their vans for ‘sheeting up’, so don’t worry if you can’t cover everything as it is possible for them to do this for some of the room, they are working in.

Disclaimer & Vulnerable tenants

If the area is not clear enough of personal belongings or furniture, the scheduled appointment may be cancelled/rescheduled in accordance with our normal booking rules of 3 months +.

Our operative may be able to assist you on the day with making the area ready for the repair. You will be asked to sign a small disclaimer on the day to approve of this support and for work to proceed.