We're proud to introduce you to our Together with Tenants commitments.

These commitments stem from the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants Plan.

They have been shaped by conversations with you, our tenants, and developed with a steering group of tenant members from across the Borough. They don’t cover everything we do but focus on the things that you have told us are important. Our commitments set out how we all have a part to play to ensure that RBH is the best it can be.

Our Commitments

  • Our Relationship

    We will treat each other with respect and be open, honest and transparent. We will take into account your individual needs, be helpful and polite, listen to what you have to say and keep our promises. We will respect your home by working carefully and tidily.

    We can succeed together when you let us know if you are concerned about someone or something in your community.

  • Voice and Influence

    We will encourage, listen to and value everyone’s views, working together to use this information to shape what we do and sharing what has changed as a result of what we have learnt. We will provide a range of ways for you to share your views, including more online opportunities, offer support if you want to get more involved and discuss and agree action plans to address any issues in your area.

    We can succeed together if you share your views and get involved to help us be the best we can be.

  • Accountability

    We will work together to check how we are performing and agree what needs to change, with tenants reporting their recommendations in person to the Board. We will encourage tenants to become Members of RBH, supporting any members who want to be on the Representative Body. Representatives will appoint Board members and both of these groups will learn from tenants and employees experiences of RBH services, hearing and discussing them so that they can be confident they make the right decisions. They will share with you the decisions they make and why they have made them.

    We can succeed together when you choose to get involved in our scrutiny activities, become a member and use your vote, or stand for election to the Representative Body yourself.

  • Quality

    We will make sure your home is well maintained, safe and well managed, working together to agree and check we are meeting our service standards. We will agree repair timescales together and respond to emergency repairs in the same day, keeping you up to date on repairs progress and appointments and completing repairs on the
    first visit when possible. We will carry out the necessary checks and provide guidance to keep you safe in your home. We can succeed together when you look after your home and tell us if something needs
    fixing or does not feel safe, when you allow us access to your home to carry out repairs and essential safety checks and you let us know
    if you need to re-arrange an appointment.

  • When Things Go Wrong

    We will make it as simple as possible for you to raise issues, make complaints and get them resolved. We will take into account what you
    want to see happen and provide timely advice and support. Our Appeal Stage will offer you somewhere to take your complaint if you are
    not happy with the way it has been dealt with. The tenants on our Complaints Panel will help us to learn from complaints so the same problems do not happen again. We can succeed together when you tell us if things go wrong and work with us to find a solution.

  • Communications

    We will provide clear, accessible and timely information on the issues that matter to you, providing information and services on our website that are relevant to you, your tenancy and your local area. If you need to contact us we will make it easy for you to speak to someone who can help. We will provide work and skills e-bulletins and introduce a regular newsletter for residents in Independent Living Schemes. We will share information about how we are performing and chat to you about this. We can succeed together when you share information and news in your community.