The Representative Body represents Members and the wider interests of the community in the governance of RBH and act as guardians of RBH’s mutuality.  They ensure that the work of RBH is focused on the needs of Tenants for the benefit of the wider community and establish and monitor progress of the Membership Strategy.

Our Representative Body consists of:

  • Fifteen Tenant Representatives elected by Tenant Members
  • Eight Employee Representatives elected by Employee Members
  • Two Council Representatives nominated by Rochdale Borough Council who are appointed by the Representative Body

You can see who the representatives are and find out more about how they work below. Should you wish to contact a Representative please email and include the Representatives name in the subject header to ensure it reaches the correct person.

The Representative Body Membership Pledge

The Representative Body will make sure that:

  1. We uphold our values in representing our members’ interest and fulfilling our role in governing RBH
  2. Our tenants and employees work together as members to get the best services within available resources
  3. We use a variety of ways to find out your views and inform you how they are being used to make a difference
  4. We are honest, open and accountable to you, the members

Meetings of the Representative Body are open to members of the society to attend as observers, please refer to our open meeting guidance. You can view the upcoming meeting dates for the Representative Body here.

A copy of the Declaration of Interest Register is available upon request. Please email

  • R04 Representative Body Code Of Conduct