If you became one of our tenants on or after the 26th March 2012 you might have the Right to Acquire. If you were a tenant prior to 26th March 2012 you might qualify for the Preserved Right to Buy.

The difference for tenants applying for Right to Acquire (as opposed to the Right to Buy) is the level of discount.

Discount is set by central government and the level is set regionally. The current level for Rochdale is £9,000.00 after 3 years of being a tenant. This is a flat rate for all applications.

The Right to Acquire procedure follows the Right to Buy process.

Right to Acquire Application Forms

Please download and complete the Right to Acquire and additional information forms below. Please note that you need to print off and sign.

  • Part H 

Please complete the forms digitally and scan the above pages with signatures ensuring that they are on the same email as your application.

Please send applications forms to homeownership@rbh.org.uk

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Once you submit a RTB or RTA application, RBH will acknowledge your application within 7 working days and will let you know if we can admit your application within 4 weeks.