This year’s intake of apprentices saw over two hundred applicants apply for eleven roles across our organisation for various positions from trade to business administration. The successful candidates included school leavers as well as those seeking a change of career in later life, including current RBH employees looking for a career change. As a real living wage employer an apprenticeship with us provides a fantastic opportunity for many looking to start a new career who wouldn’t have been able to do so on an apprentice wage.

Apprentices underwent a comprehensive two-day induction which included a meet and greet with the Senior Leadership Team over breakfast and a session on Equality Diversity and Inclusion.

To ensure apprentices get a real taste for the diverse areas of work and roles available within our organisation they will be given the opportunity to experience other roles for the first twelve months as part of a new buddy scheme.

I am very grateful to have this opportunity in completing a level 3 apprenticeship and can’t wait to expand my knowledge in the housing sector, I would like to carry on working for RBH when my apprenticeship is completed

Millie Russon, Neighbourhood Housing Apprentice