We know that Claims Management Teams – also known as "claims farmers" - are calling on residents in neighbourhoods across Rochdale Borough to encourage tenants to make disrepair claims.

We know that some of these organisations hope that you will assume that they are from RBH and let them into your home. They aren't. All RBH team members will carry identification with them. If in any doubt, please ask, and don’t sign any paperwork on your doorstep.

If you have a concern about your home, please talk to us so that we can get it sorted. You can report a repair via our MyRBH portal at www.myrbh.org.uk. You can also call us on Freephone 0800 027 7769 or e-mail us at rbh.repairs@rbh.org.uk.

We aim to get things right first time. If there’s something we need to improve, you can also visit www.rbh.org.uk/feedback for details of how to make a complaint.

Claims farmers aim to sign tenants up to a legal process. Your details are likely to be passed to solicitors who will ask you to sign a Conditional Fee Agreement. You may have heard these called "no win, no fee" agreements. Please be aware that these agreements are not risk-free for you - you may still need to pay costs.

Many fees (known as "disbursements" are not covered by these agreements and you would have to pay for them. The agreements also may not cover costs if your claim is not successful. You could end up having to pay thousands of pounds.

​​​​​​​We want to be the best landlord we can be. If there's something you need us to sort, please get in touch so that we can work with you to fix it.