"One of the main attractions for working at RBH was its philosophy of mutuality. I didn’t want to work in an organisation that was just about making profit or treating people like consumers rather than human beings. The idea of working in an organisation where everyone has a real stake in its success (and failure) seemed to me to be a much smarter way of making things happen.

My role at RBH as Website and Digital services Managers allows me to support people who may not feel as comfortable with technology as me. While it can be daunting at first, I think being confident in using technology can deliver some real benefits in people’s lives.

I’m reasonably new to social housing so I was bit concerned about my lack of knowledge in some areas to support the Representative Body. I’m feeling a little more confident now. You just have to learn not to be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is super friendly.

I think some of our tenants have really endured some tough times, especially over the pandemic. I’m really inspired by how people who are in much less privileged position than me have still come together to help people."