Report a repair

Report a repair

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Ways to report a repair

  • Report it online via the online form.
  • E-mail to - include a photograph if you can
  • Call us on 0800 027 7769
  • Text "repair" followed by your address and message to 07786 202 400.

RBH Repairs Handbook

If you need any information regarding heating, plumbing and other general maintenance, please download the RBH Repairs Handbook.pdf [pdf] 5MB .

Repairs Policy

The current RBH repairs policy came into effect on 4th April 2016.

Our policy will deliver a more efficient and effective service and will help us to build a relationship between RBH and our tenants based upon rights and responsibilities, openness and transparency.

The policy provides for a two hour response to emergency repairs, a 24 hour response for urgent work, and a system of repairs by appointment for routine repairs to be completed within 15 working days. This new system will allow the tenant rather than RBH to determine the priority required for routine repairs and will allow for more convenient appointments.

Download: Responsive Repairs Policy.pdf [pdf] 234KB

Download: Responsive Repairs And Maintenance Service Standards.pdf [pdf] 716KB