Pass It On

Pass It On scheme Getting all the furniture you need for your new home can be expensive - but we’re here to help!

We’ve set up a furniture re-use scheme to help customers kit out their home.

We collect furniture people no longer need, check it over and where necessary clean and repair it before passing it on at very affordable prices!

Please also see our Community RePaint scheme which has details of how you can decorate your home at low cost.

Why is there a charge for the furniture?

It costs wages and diesel to collect items and we then have to check, repair, store and deliver them.

Making a small charge allows us to keep the scheme going and support more people.

We are a mutual society and the Pass it On scheme is a great example of how people can help one another.

How does the scheme work?

Our scheme is run from a secure store room which is not open to the public. This means

  • What we’ve got depends on what comes in. Unfortunately we can’t show people round to look at what is available.
  • You tell us what you need, we check what’s in and if we’ve got it you can have it.
  • If we haven’t got anything suitable in, we can take your name and get back to you when something becomes available.
  • You pay up front and leave us a number to arrange delivery.
  • Delivery is included in the charge but if you’re not in and we have to come back, then unfortunately we will have to charge you extra for time and diesel.

If you need furniture or would like to donate furniture then please call us on 079761 20233 or 079761 20234 and we will do our best to help.

Community RePaint

Following the success of our furniture re-use scheme, Pass it On, we are now providing similar help with paint so you can give your home a makeover at an affordable price.

We have joined the Community RePaint network which that aims to improve the wellbeing of people and the appearance of places across the country.

The scheme collects reusable, leftover paint, varnishes and wood stains and re-distributes them to individuals, families, communities and charities at very affordable prices which just cover transport costs.

As well as helping customers the scheme also brings major environmental benefits as it reduces the amount of items sent to landfill.

It’s a great idea that fits perfectly with our mutual values.

We can also provide brushes and rollers at very reasonable prices so that you can soon have your new home looking great.

If you would like some paint please call us on 07816 078357

This is also the number to call if you have some paint you would like to donate to help others - we’ll be delighted to hear from you!

Pass It On Charges

White goods and electrical items

  • Electric cooker: £40
  • Fridge freezer: £35
  • Fridge: £25
  • Microwave: £15

Large furniture items

  • Double bed and mattress: £30
  • Double bed frame: £20
  • Double wardrobe: £20
  • Sofa: £20
  • Dining sets (table and chairs): £20
  • Single bed and mattress: £20
  • Single bed frame: £15
  • Set of drawers: £15
  • Armchair: £15

Small furniture items

  • Desk: £10
  • Cot: £10
  • Coffee table: £10
  • Bookcase: £10
  • TV stand: £10
  • Bedding bundle: £10
  • Bedside cabinet: £5
  • Towel bundle: £5
  • Kitchen pack: £5 (additional £5 to include kettle/toaster)


  • Starter pack (5 litres of paint, set of brushes, tray and roller set): £10

Additional paint is available to buy in a range of neutrals and colours.

  • 2.5 Litre Tub: £5
  • 5 Litre Tub: £8
  • 10 Litre Tub: £15

Special offer pack (3 large furniture items and 1 small furniture item plus a paint starter pack): £65