Neighbourhoods: what we promised

Our promise: develop Neighbourhood Action plans.

Neighbourhoods: what we delivered

Between 2012 and 2015 all 52 RBH neighbourhoods developed their own neighbourhood action plans under a programme named "Our Place". Our Place initiated many local projects including environmental improvements, children’s clubs and digital hubs.

Our Place led to Our Choice - a set of participatory budgeting (or RBH Dragon's Den) events. Our Choice distributed over £100,000 to neighbourhood activities in three years - decisions made by local residents on how to spend community funding in their own areas. Our Choice funded a total of 57 community led projects between 2012 and 2015, and received a prestigious Community Impact award in 2014.

We're now evolving the Our Place model into a pioneering new approach known as Neighbourhoods Together and Decide Together. We are launching this new approach on Monday 3rd April.

Neighbourhoods Together and Decide Together gives members the opportunity to get involved in actions and decision in 16 priority neighbourhoods including the opportunity to vote on allocating community funding. Through Neighbourhoods Together there are currently 37 new actions or projects in development in local neighbourhoods.

Our highlights: neighbourhoods

Here are some of our own "most memorable moments" from the past five years relating to our work in neighbourhoods... we'll be adding to these throughout the week, and please keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook as well!

Don't forget to submit your "most memorable moments" and have a chance to win £200 in shopping vouchers!

Our pioneering virtual neighbourhood meetings are helping to deliver better services for RBH tenants and communities.

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Community Funding Successes

RBH community funding has helped projects and groups across Rochdale, Middleton, Heywood, Milnrow and Littleborough. Find out how RBH funding helped kick-start "dance to health" and has helped the Lower Falinge Activity Group.

Neighbourhoods Together and Decide Together

RBH Neighbourhoods Together logo RBH has selected 16 of our neighbourhoods as part of the "Neighbourhoods Together" approach. Building on the success of "Our Place" and "Our Choice", we'll be engaging our membership in local actions to address local issues. Members will again have the chance to award money for their priorities in their communities through "Decide Together". Click here to find out more!

Looking back at "Our Choice"

The "Our Choice" programme awarded over £100,000 in community funding - and every penny was awarded by communities and for communities with our "Dragon's Den" style participatory budgeting. Here's our video from 2013 explaining how it worked...

Your Most Memorable Moments

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Getting involved in our celebrations

In April, May and June we'll be sharing with you what we're done to keep the 50 promises we made when we took over ownership of the homes formerly owned by the Council. We’ll post information online and via social media and invite you to send in your ‘Most Memorable Moments’ (your MMMs) of the past five years.

Your most memorable moment might be something that was life changing - like moving into your home or starting work for RBH. It might be something that had a big impact: new kitchen or bathroom or meeting a new neighbour or colleague. It may be something that was difficult: the floods last Christmas spring to mind or an emergency repair. It might be equally be something very simple.

We want to know what stands out in your memory. We want to hear your stories. We will add your MMM comments and photos to each promise to create an online album to share everyone’s experiences. We will showcase the album at our “All Together” Annual Members Meeting on 12 September.

Send your most memorable moments to or using our special online form.

As an added bonus, everyone who submits a memory will be entered into a draw to win £200 in shopping vouchers!