Improving our homes: what we promised

  • Commitment to maintaining homes to the Decent Standard targeting additional investment in line with tenants' priorities
  • RBH would require its contractors to minimise disturbance and disruption from construction work
  • Involve tenants as fully as possible in planning and implementation of work to their homes
  • Put in place a programme of regular painting to external elements of homes.
  • Develop a panel of tenants to advise on the specification of materials to be used in contracts
  • RBH would make energy efficiency in homes a key priority.

Improving your homes: what we've delivered

  • Over the past five years, we've carried our improvement work to our homes in every neighbourhood; new windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, replacement boilers and central heating systems, new roofs and environmental work
  • 99.92% of our homes meet the "decent homes standard" – there are just 11 homes which do not meet the standard.
  • According to our customer feedback, 96% of people who have had work carried out are satisfied with both the process and the outcomes.
  • The average Energy Efficiency (SAP) rating of our homes is 71.5, which is above our target.
  • We've worked with the tenant members of our Homes Panel to improve the way we communicate with our tenants about our investment programme, including making changes to our letters and our information booklets.
  • We've also worked with our Homes Panel to improve our choice items in our investment programme, including kitchen unit colours, work top colours, floor tiles colours, wall tile patterns, and bath panels.
  • All homes have been painted (where required) in the last five years, and there is an ongoing rolling programme for painting and cleaning of homes.

Our highlights: improving homes

Fit for purpose

RBH renovated bathroom When a home in Middleton fell into disrepair after a Right to Buy application fell through, RBH stepped forward and made a number of improvements to ensure the home reached the required Decent Standard and could be successfully rented once again.

Our improvements included a new roof (with the removal of an unused chimney), new cladding and rendering and rewiring. This home is now back with RBH and has been let to a happy tenant!


Positive feedback

According to our customer feedback, 96% of people who have had work carried out are satisfied with both the process and the outcomes. We act promptly on feedback when required and we expect our contractors to do the same.

  • "The painters did a very good job & the inside of my garden fence, took care not to damage my plants. Very pleased, a good job" - RBH tenant, Kirkholt
  • "GTM electricians and plasterers left the place tidy and cleaned up after themselves. They advised myself on when and how to decorate/paint. Always kept in contact and appointments" - RBH tenant, Rhodes
  • "Since RBH has taken over the projects renovations etc have been done. I'm really pleased with the progress & work carried out. Thank you" - RBH tenant, Milnrow
  • "The contractors have been very aware of the residents being disturbed as little as possible, under the circumstances, they have done very well" - RBH independent living tenant, Mountside View


A helping hand

RBH renovated kitchen A tenant in Middleton had no close family and had lost contact with friends. At 83 he was almost housebound and had let his electrics, heating, kitchen and bathroom get out of hand. RBH was able to help by upgrading the facilities and sorting out his accumulation of household items.

The tenant now has a clean, easy to manage flat and has been introduced to new friends.


Tea for two

RBH tenant and EM tenant liaison officer We work closely with our contractors to make sure that our tenants receive a great service, and our contractors often also go the extra mile to help – sometimes a bit of imagination can sometimes turn an upset into a memorable afternoon. When Mrs Heaton of Norman Weall Court needed to leave her flat for a few hours to allow necessary work to take place, the contractor Emanuel Whittaker took her for high tea to pass the time. Mrs Heaton said she felt like royalty!

Your Most Memorable Moments

Five Years And Counting Logo

Getting involved in our celebrations

In April, May and June we'll be sharing with you what we're done to keep the 50 promises we made when we took over ownership of the homes formerly owned by the Council. We’ll post information online and via social media and invite you to send in your ‘Most Memorable Moments’ (your MMMs) of the past five years.

Your most memorable moment might be something that was life changing - like moving into your home or starting work for RBH. It might be something that had a big impact: new kitchen or bathroom or meeting a new neighbour or colleague. It may be something that was difficult: the floods last Christmas spring to mind or an emergency repair. It might be equally be something very simple.

We want to know what stands out in your memory. We want to hear your stories. We will add your MMM comments and photos to each promise to create an online album to share everyone’s experiences. We will showcase the album at our “All Together” Annual Members Meeting on 12 September.

Send your most memorable moments to or using our special online form.

As an added bonus, everyone who submits a memory will be entered into a draw to win £200 in shopping vouchers!